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I just saw Whiplash at the Sundance Cinema on Sunset.  WOW!  This is a savage film about the bullying of a drum student at a music academy.  A brilliant performance by Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons for which he’s just won best supporting actor in the Golden Globes and so well deserved.  You will remember him as the Captain on Law & Order SVU.  I turned to Mike and said, is there an earthquake?  Turns out I was shaking so much….I spoke to a random cinema goer afterwards and she said the same thing, she said her whole body was drumming with Miles Teller.

I empathized so much with Andrew (played by Miles Teller), recognizing the times I had been bullied in my career.  I wonder if the results bullying gets are ever worth it?

Here’s the trailer …wonderful performance by Paul Reiser (Mad About You) as the Dad.


Let me know your thoughts? What lengths would you go to to reach your potential?  As a Parent, how would you react?

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